The Partners

The Water Resources in the South East Group (WRSE) is an alliance of the six south east water companies, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, Consumer Council for Water, Natural England and Defra, to develop long term plans for securing water supplies in the south east.

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The Aim of the Project

The Group’s aim is to develop a regional water resources strategy which will contain a range of options to find the best long term solutions for customers and the environment in the south east of England. This strategy is revised every five years to ensure is is up to date.

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Preparing for a drier future: England’s water infrastructure needs

The National Infrastructure Commission has issued its assessment on the water infrastructure needs of the nation. It has recommended that leakage rates should halved by 2050, and that 1300 Ml/d more water sources are needed to mitigate future potential water shortages. It recommends that Ofwat launch a competition outside of the WRMP planning process to… View Article

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Simon Cocks becomes first independent Chair of WRSE

The Water Resources in the South East (WRSE) group has appointed Simon Cocks as its first independent Chair. The group, which brings together the six water companies that supply 19 million customers across London and the South East, is taking a regional approach to address the increasing risk of drought facing the region, looking ahead… View Article

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From Source to Tap: the south east strategy for water

 Welcome to “From Source to Tap: The south east strategy for water”. This document showcases the ground-breaking collaboration and technical work to develop an affordable, sustainable and resilient regional strategy for water – one that delivers for customers, society and the environment. The aim of our work is simple; to find better or new ways… View Article

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Overview of the WRSE

Read this report to gain an overview of the WRSE, its history and work.  The report explains how the WRSE came into being in 1996, the area it covers, and its aims and objectives.  The report explores the challenges facing the south-east of England and the benefit of examining water resources issues on a regional… View Article

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Progress Report

Report on progress towards a shared water resources strategy, available to view or download here.

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Briefing to Stakeholders

We held a second briefing for key stakeholders on 15th February to update them on progress towards developing a shared long term water resources strategy in the south east.

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