From Source to Tap: the south east strategy for water

April 9, 2018 9:27 pm Published by

 Welcome to From Source to Tap: The south east strategy for water”. This document showcases the ground-breaking collaboration and technical work to develop an affordable, sustainable and resilient regional strategy for water – one that delivers for customers, society and the environment.

The aim of our work is simple; to find better or new ways of sharing water by using existing sources, pipes and treatment works and developing new sources of water and bigger, longer pipelines to move it further around our region.

Equally important is our work to reduce the amount of water that is lost or wasted so there is more to go around – whether it’s finding and fixing more leaks on the pipe network, or encouraging customers to use less through metering programmes and ambitious water efficiency initiatives.

That’s important, as much of the south east region is officially designated as being in serious water stress. It’s also a region where there are potentially greater pressures and challenges than those faced by other regions in the UK – more people in expanding towns and cities; relatively low rainfall but higher water use by people; and environmental pressures to keep more water in its natural home e.g. our rivers, rare chalk streams and underground aquifers.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work. Let us know your thoughts.