Our Aim

Our aim is:

to develop an affordable, sustainable and resilient regional approach to water resource management:  one that delivers for customers, society and the environment

In 2007 most of the south east was officially designated by the Environment Agency as being in serious water stress.  This area holds approximately one third of the UK’s population, contributes some £627 billion to the UK economy and is served by six water companies. The area also has some of the highest population growth numbers and numerous ecological and landscape designations. Therefore, to help meet these regional challenges we require a robust regional solution, which is developed with other sectors and stimulates potential of third party solutions. This is the purpose of the Water Resources in the South East group (WRSE) group, which takes a regional approach to managing this precious resource, ignoring company boundaries.

We believe that taking this regional approach to manage water resources in the south east of England is the best way to recognise the true value of water to society and the economy. It allows us to better balance the needs of people and the environment, and ensure that risks are adequately addressed to ensure resilience for the future.

>As a collective we believe that it is better to work together and to find ways to collaborate to overcome the challenges that arise from operating in a water stressed area, where resources are scarce, and there are significant risks posed by extreme drought.

As a result, we will be moving further with our regionally-driven approach to become increasingly resilient and meet future challenges.  We will continue to listen to, and work alongside, government bodies and the National Infrastructure Commission, looking to meet their aspirations and recommendations.

Our focus is on identifying ways of maintaining secure supplies to customers in the most sustainable way possible. Through communication with stakeholders and wider groups, we hope to ensure all relevant issues are taken into account and that we can deliver an effective strategy that will ensure a resilient water supply for future generations at a reasonable cost and with minimum impact on the environment.

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