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Here you can access documents and reports on the activities of the WRSE Group, and papers on the future of water management and the natural environment.


An overview of the WRSE

Written in 2016, this document gives an overview to the WRSE, outlining its history, purposes and its aims and objectives.

An Overview to the WRSE.pdf

Recovery following the 2012 Drought

This eight-page newsletter provides a summary of how water resources have recovered in the south east following the drought in the early part of 2012 and details how the region’s water companies are working together to build-in greater resilience.

Water Resource Update pdf

2012 Drought Summary

This ten-page pamphlet provides a useful summary of the drought affecting the south east in spring 2012 and describes what the WRSE companies are doing to safeguard future supplies.

Water Resource Update pdf

Water for Life

Published in 2011, Water for Life describes a vision for future water management in which the water sector is resilient, in which water companies are more efficient and customer-focused, and in which water is valued as the precious and finite resource it is.

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The Natural Choice

Published in June 2011, The Natural Choice is the first White Paper on the natural environment in more than 20 years. The proposals set out a detailed programme of action to repair damage done to the environment in the past, and urges everyone to get involved in helping nature to flourish at all levels, from neighbourhoods to national parks.

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WRSE Memorandum of Understanding

This document sets out the objectives, principles and commitments that the members of the WRSE Group will make during the period 2011 to 2015 to determine a water resources strategy, which will contain a range of strategic options to find the best solutions for customers and the environment in the south east of England.


The Water Resources Planning Guideline

The water resources planning guideline provides a framework for water companies.

Water Resources Planning Guideline

WRSE Modelling Project

PowerPoint presentation made to stakeholders in January 2012.

WRSE Modeling Project

2009 WRSE Final Report

Written jointly by the Environment Agency and the seven member companies of WRSE, this report summarises the outcome of the last phase of modeling work completed in autumn 2009.

WRSE Final Report

Competition and innovation in the water markets (Cave Review)

An independent review of competition and innovation in water markets between March 2008 and April 2009.

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Assessment of regulatory barriers and constraints to effective interconnectivity of water supplies – WT0921, September 2010 (Atkins)

An evidenced and objective risk-based assessment of the potential barriers and constraints imposed by the current regulatory and planning regimes to the development and implementation of interconnectivity and sharing of water resources in England.

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Changing course through water trading, June 2011 (Ernst & Young)

How water trading can make a contribution to solving future water scarcity to the benefit of customers and the environment.

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Environment Agency Report: Drought Prospects Report, Spring/Summer 2012

Describes potential rainfall scenarios and recommends actions for the Environment  Agency, farmers, water companies and other abstractors.

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Adapting to Climate Change; UK Climate Projections

The UK Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP09) are an important step forward in improving understanding of our complex climate. There are assumptions and uncertainties in any work of this kind, but these Projections represent strong and credible climate science. They begin to quantify the uncertainties we face and so will help us to understand the risks that lie ahead.

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