Responding to the recommendations of the National Infrastructure Commission

October 29, 2018 8:56 pm Published by

On behalf of the WRSE, Simon Cocks sent this letter as the group’s response following the Government’s response to the National Infrastructure Commission’s National Infrastructure Assessment.

The WRSE felt it important to respond to the Commission’s recommendations and highlight its own activity that is already underway and being planned to address the long-term resilience of water resources.  This is because the WRSE welcomes the NIC’s assessment and the detailed work it has undertaken, which supported and confirmed the work carried out by the industry in 2016 on a long-term planning framework for water resources. The approach taken by the NIC to assessing the cost of a severe drought to the wider economy and society highlighted the stark contrast between investing in resilience to avoid a severe drought and the cost of emergency measures being deployed – together with the wider social and economic consequences.

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