WRSE responds to Ofwat’s assessment of Business Plans

February 1, 2019 7:10 am Published by

Water Resources South East (WRSE) – an alliance of the region’s six water companies – is pressing ahead with its ambitious plans to deliver greater collaboration and increased resilience for customers and the environment.

Responding to Ofwat’s assessment of each of the six companies’ 2020 to 2025 business plans, it reaffirmed that its work for the 2020 to 2025 price review process had provided companies with a range of strategic solutions that could meet the specific challenges faced in the region.

These could then be used to inform companies’ strategic investment decisions and plans, which they consulted on, either at their draft or final stages.

That is why key strategic infrastructure – such as the new Havant Thicket reservoir jointly promoted by Portsmouth Water and Southern Water, and a new Upper Thames reservoir being considered to benefit both Thames Water and Affinity Water customers – are featuring in companies’ plans.

Furthermore, the WRSE has also developed a forward programme of new water transfers coming into the region; and is developing desalination, leakage, catchment management and water efficiency measures too.

WRSE is already building on the pioneering technical work undertaken to date, so that it is at the forefront of a collaborative and highly effective response to greater water resilience.

Plans are already in motion to produce a Regional Resilience Plan that will directly inform the selection of strategic infrastructure in companies’ 2024 business plans – while meeting the ambitions of government and regulators around how future investment decisions are made.