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Key WRSE documents out for consultation

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05/08/2020 The Regional Plan

We have now published further documents, which will be critical to the development of our regional plan, for consultation.


Method Statements

Our Method Statements set out the technical methodologies, processes and procedures that we will use to develop the regional plan. There are 16 separate method statements, with a range of supporting information.

You can view a short film to find out more and we have produced a summary document that provides an overview of each Method Statement to help you navigate your way through them and identify which are of particular interest. Please visit for further details.

We will be holding a number of webinars over the coming months, so you can talk directly to the WRSE team and learn more. The consultation on our Method Statements will end on 31 October 2020.


Regional Policies

We have also published a document that sets out a number of areas where we consider we should set a regional policy, to form the planning assumptions for the regional plan. These areas cover a range of issues including leakage and per capita consumption levels, carbon and environmental ambition.

The polices we set will influence the options that are chosen in the regional plan, which is why we are keen to hear your views on these areas and the policies we have proposed. Again, we will be holding a webinar on the regional policies. To find out more, please visit, plus you can watch a short video we’ve made.

The consultation will be open until 4 September 2020.

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