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Update on Water Resources South East consultations

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02/09/2020 The Regional Plan

A reminder that our consultation on our draft Regional Policies closes this Friday, 4 September, so please make sure to have your say. The policies are our set of planning assumptions which will be used in our regional plan and which will help shape its outputs. They cover a range of issues, including the use of drought permits and orders, leakage reduction, per capita consumption targets and carbon emissions. Please visit for more details and to tell us what you think. You can access a recording of the Regional Policies webinar we held last month via the same link.

Meanwhile, the consultation on our draft Method Statements is running until 31 October. Our Method Statements set out the processes and procedures we will follow when preparing all the technical elements for our regional plan. They allow anyone who wants to understand our work to be clear on the approaches, in essence the ground rules, that we are going to be taking in some complex and critical areas. There are 16 Method Statements in total, which can be found at, along with videos of the method statements consultation webinars that have been held to date.

There are two Method Statements webinars remaining, that you can still sign up for, namely:

* Options Appraisal webinar on 10 September at 2pm, with the focus on the process by which we will appraise all the available options (both for demand and supply) for our regional plan. You can register for the webinar by clicking here

* Environmental Ambition webinar on 5 October at 2pm, when we will explore our Environmental Ambition method statement. You can register to attend by clicking here. This method statement will enable us capture the range of future requirements for the environment, so that this can be delivered through our regional plan.

Finally, on 18 September, we will publish details of how we plan to carry out the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the regional plan. The consultation will run until 31 October and will be available on our website and our dedicated engagement platform

We are very grateful for all the feedback we have had in so far and look forward to hearing your further views.

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