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Have your say on updated drought plans

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09/06/2021 News

Our six member water companies have each published their updated drought plans for consultation.

All water companies in England and Wales are required by the Government to produce a drought plan - setting out the actions they would expect to take in the event of a drought to maintain essential supplies of water, while also protecting the environment.

Depending upon the severity of the drought, this is likely to include a variety of different measures, such as campaigns to encourage customers to use less water, temporary use bans to restrict non-essential domestic and commercial use of water, working even harder to fix leaks and reducing water pressure in supply network pipes.

You have until 30 July 2021 to provide your feedback on the draft plans, via the links below:

* Affinity Water (

* Portsmouth Water (

* SES Water (

* South East Water (

* Southern Water (

* Thames Water (

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