Water Resource Management Plan Timetable

In England and Wales, Water Resource Management Plans (WRMP) are produced on a five-year cycle. The current WRMPs (referred to as WRMP14) were published in 2014 as part of preparations for the 2014 price review. These cover the period 2015 – 2040.

Towards the end of each five-year cycle, water companies start preparing their next plan.

Draft plans for WRMP19 are due for public consultation (typically 12 weeks) from January 2018 for English water companies and March 2018 for Welsh water companies. Water companies are required to undertake customer and stakeholder engagement.

Statutory consultees include:

  • the Environment Agency and the Secretary of State (if in England)
  • Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Ministers (if in Wales)
  • Ofwat
  • Any licensed water supplier that supplies water to premises in the water company area through the water company’s supply system.

Water companies must publish a statement of response after completing the public consultation. This must be within 26 weeks of publishing the draft plan for consultation.

Each statutory consultee makes representations to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or Welsh ministers on companies’ draft plans.

Based on responses to the consultation, water companies will revise their plans and submit them to Government for final approval. There may need to be a public hearing, inquiry or an examination in public if there are unresolved issues within a company’s plan. The final plan can be published once permission has been gained from the Secretary of State or the Welsh Ministers. Thereafter published plans are reviewed every year, following the Annual Review guidance.