Response to the EA’s State of the Environment report on water resources

May 23, 2018 3:53 pm Published by

In response the Environment Agency’s State of the Environment report issued today (23 May 2018), Simon Cocks, Independent Chair of the WRSE, said:

“Securing long-term water resources requires a twin track approach to both securing new supplies of water while also managing demand. The Water Resources in the South East group, which involves the six water companies operating in the region, takes a long-term view of how best we can secure water supplies for the future in the face of a growing population and climate change while also protecting the environment and supporting the economy.

“There is no silver bullet to solving this issue and to focus too heavily on one area alone will not deliver the long-term resilience needed for customers, the environment and wider society. This is why we must strike the right balance between developing new water resources, such as reservoirs and desalination plants; building pipelines to move water around from areas where there is a surplus to where there is a shortfall; and managing demand through activity to reduce leakage and supporting customers to reduce how much they use.

“The WRSE companies are working with Government, the Environment Agency, Ofwat and CC Water to address this issue in the round so we achieve the best outcome for customers, communities and the environment.”