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20/10/2020 News

Understanding our river catchments and identifying how we can improve them, so they are healthy, resilient and sustainable, is a key aim of our Regional Resilience Plan.

For the first time, we’ve brought together representatives from catchment partnerships, environmental organisations, regulators and a range of water and land users, so that, as a whole, we can deliver a plan that will benefit our water environment.

To help support our work, we’ve launched a new website, so people can report a water resource issue, or opportunity, in their area. It will help drive the ‘intelligence gathering’ process by providing online maps, describing different aspects of water resource management in the South East, and by offering the option of telling us about a local issue or possible solution.

The feedback we get will help us have more detailed discussions with a variety of organisations and consider environmental schemes that could be included in our Regional Resilience Plan. More than 120 people from 70 groups recently joined us at a series of virtual workshops to hear more about our new website and how to get involved.

For further details about our work to improve catchments, our new catchments website and to access the recordings of the stakeholder workshops, please visit

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